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Website Designing

Hansoft Technologies is a small company that helps our clients get impressive results from their websites. We believe what matters about a companyís website isnít how pretty it is or how clever the programming is, itís how successful the site is. And as any good business person knows, success doesnít come overnight. Thatís why we like to work with you over a reasonable period of time to gradually improve the results your website achieves.

As a part of our dynamic development methodology, we identify the following ingredients that make a successful Website. The site needs to be compatible for viewing across a wide range of user platforms and browser software. We will test the site with many different browsers to ensure that the vast majority of visitors can see the site quickly and easily.The biggest single reason visitors do not stay at a Website is that it takes too long to load Ė that is the time it takes for the page to appear on the computer screen. The site needs to be designed around the premise of 'loading' as quickly as possible.

Along with having an appealing and attractive look and feel to the site, the content of the site must be precisely what the user needs to see. Additionally, search engine positioning must be considered and the site will be developed with key words and placement of same as a consideration. A clear, crisp view of the information on the site is paramount in relation to finding specific information on a site. To provide major benefit to the business, the site should have significant amounts of information available to the user. This information must be easily found and presented in such a way as to encourage use. The more visitors can interact and 'do things' on the site, the more likely they are to revisit.

We will discuss the interface and layout of the site with you, to ensure the site is attractive, appealing and reflects the appropriate image.

Web Applications

Web application is an application that can be accessed by the users through a Web browser. Web application is designed to support the development of dynamic websites, web applications, web services and web resources.

Web Applications deliver many business benefits. It Reduce the business costs, less time spent talking to customers over the phone, allow users to update their own details. Web application pages interact with users requesting and responding to users.

Environments and Technologies

  • Web Standards Compliant HTML and CSS
  • JavaScript, JQuery and Dojo
  • PHP/MySQL Development
  • Microsoft ASP.net Web Application Development

Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of affecting the visibility of a website or a web page in a search engine's. Our company ensures and help our clients to attain improved business results in the online. We can do this for your business.

Our Web hosting service provides dependable hosting with near cent percent uptime, free from frequent congestions and downtimes. Further we offer robust platforms for developing applications, and user-friendly interface for installing scripts, both adaptable to a variety of designs and styles and to meet any combination of special technical and graphical specifications.

SEO is the method of refining a website for better ranking and visibility in major search engine. SEO is a marketing strategy, top rankings in search engine not only boost the volume of traffic but also increases business leads. The techniques used in the Search Engine Optimization process are unique and well designed to meet the requirements to improve traffic.

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