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  • Technological Domain Selection

    Identifying the technology area has a profound influence on your career advancement and scope of the future. Select current and emerging technologies which create a large impact on the future research and society.

    Talk to your advisor for help.

  • Identifying the Research Problem

    Identifying the relevant research problem is significant in enabling the actual process of seeking solutions through researching.

    It has a major influence on the successful completion of the Ph.D.

  • Write a Research Proposal

    Research proposal explains the significance of the proposed research. It critically analyzes the existing research problems and identifies the gaps to focus on the solutions. The proposal is a concrete and convincing framework of a Ph.D. that highlights the originality of the study.

    The creativity of the problem and illustrates what critical thinking and skills used to prove or disprove the problem. It articulates the correct methodology to conduct the study and offers logical reasons why this particular method is selected.

    The proposal provides the potential for the work and what are the implications involved in it and eventually explains how the proposed solution is going to bridge the gap in the existing knowledge.

    Also, how the proposed work will contribute and what is the findings over prospects after the completion of the research work. The research proposal demonstrates the significance and the quality of the research as well as reflects the capability of the researcher to conduct the research.

  • Literature Survey

    A literature survey offers an overview, critical evaluation, and significant contributions of the published work on a research topic. The survey process requires relevant research work published as scholarly articles, conference proceedings, dissertations, books, and related material available on the Internet.

    The literature review is an essential component of a thesis or dissertation or paper wiring to describe the previous work.


    To Identify the contributions of the existing research in a particular context to understand the topic.

    To determine the originality of the research contributions in the perspective of current literature.

    Categorizing the contributions, determining the similarity, variations, and the relationship of each work.

    To identify the research proposals to avoid duplication of work

    To point out the research gaps and proposing new ideas for further research

  • Formulating the Solutions

    Solving a research problem involves finding the right model, set up -introduce assumptions to simplify the problem, and need to validate the experiments.

  • Implementation

    • Identifying the tools and technologies to solve a research problem

    • Requirements Analysis

    • System Analysis and Design

    • System Implementation and Testing

    • Performance Analysis and Evaluation

    • Results

  • Results & Performance evaluation

    Performance evaluation is the significant part of the research to validate the proposed method/technique. It involves modeling, measurement, evaluation, and visualization of performance aspects.

    The performance analysis needs appropriate tools and technologies to measure the results. When displaying the results, it should explain why this occurs, and what are the significance and implication.

    Your results should be compared to the results achieved by a researcher who previously worked on this or related problem.

  • Paper Writing

    Paper writing is a formal presentation of the research work to expose your great ideas. A paper publication in a reputed journal is a compulsory process to gain Ph.D.

    Paper writing needs language and presentation skills to convey the process precisely. A simple and readable writing improves the chance of acceptance dramatically.

  • Deciding the right Journals

    Find the scope and quality of the journal to get the acceptance. Ensure that the journal’s scope and mission should match with the manuscript.

    It is advised to check the regular papers appear in the journal for the theoretical scope before submitting an article.

  • Paper Submission and Review revisions

    Once the manuscript is submitted and the candidate has to wait for the response from the editor and reviewers. Ensure the following to the reviewers:

    • Your paper contains sufficient interesting new material

    • Something is challenging in your work

    • It is presented concisely and well organized

    • You have provided solutions to some difficult problems

    • The methods and experiments are presented such that they can be replicated again

    • Results are presented adequately

    • The discussion is relevant, concise and well-documented

    • The level of the language is acceptable

    • Figures and tables are adequate and well-designed

  • Synopsis Writing

    A synopsis is a short description of the key contributions of the researcher to be submitted to the doctoral committee for approval before the final thesis.

  • Thesis Writing

    A thesis is a complete document prepared in a prescribed format to present the research findings of a candidate to qualify for the Ph.D. degree.

    The quality of the research, the minimum duration of the program, and requirements for completion varies considerably depending on the university. The thesis submission should be approved by the supervisor and doctoral committee. The examiners approved by the University assess the quality of the thesis for the award of Ph.D.

  • Viva-Voce

    The Examiners at the viva-voce and open Defense recommend the award of the Ph.D. degree

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